Depop pop-up store in Selfridges

LONDON — Depop is giving its online vendors an off-line space in Selfridges.

The vintage finds marketplace has taken over space in the department store’s Designer Studio, on the third floor. The pop-up will run for three months, until the end of October.

Products have been hung on a moving rail, similar to those found at the dry cleaners to mimic the look and feel of an online marketplace. The rotating rail can be turned on and off with a switch controlled by the customer.

“It was interesting to bring our marketplace — which is so diverse, broad, scrapping and thrifty — into an elegant destination. So we came up with this idea that we thought was a nice representation of Depop, because it is this never-ending cycle of unique items,” said Peter Semple, chief marketing officer of Depop.

At the moment, merchandise on the rail includes a diamond-patterned vintage pair of pants from Versace, graphic Marily Manson and Public Enemy shirts and limited-edition sneakers from Nike from three online stores that sell to Depop — @NS_Shop, @Ladskazeem and @Archive_Dna.

Sellers will rotate out every week to give as many members of the Depop community as possible a chance to showcase their products. “The whole thing is about the community, the sellers and the creatives on our platform because it is they who are sourcing this incredible stock and merchandising it,” said Semple.

He wants consumers and sellers to forge a relationship. To do so, each product has been tagged with a QR code so that customers can easily connect and browse other items online.

There’s also an online game that sees clothing items falling down, and customers have to catch as many items as they can before they hit the bottom of the screen. Customers can access and play via their phones, and upon completion, a list of suggested Depop sellers will pop up on the screen.

As well as promoting their sellers, Depop will use the space to host a series of workshops over the course of the three months. It will include workshops around building a business and marketing, as well as panel discussions from industry insiders.

“It’s amazing to have a platform here at Selfridges, and we want to have conversations with our customers about entrepreneurship, upcycling and promoting some of the things that are important to us to educate people who can then go on to build their own creative businesses in fashion,” said Semple.

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