Depop x Youth Club archival photo of Public Enemy

BACK IN TIME: A Spice Girls reunion — minus Victoria Beckham — has signaled the Nineties are here to stay and Depop, the online marketplace aimed at Gen Z, is celebrating the flip side of the decade’s music scene with a one–night–only exhibition on Wednesday dedicated to rave culture.

Depop has partnered with Youth Club, a nonprofit organization that preserves youth culture, and London’s NTS radio for the exhibition, called “Wear the Movement.” “Depop and Youth Club are both about youth culture and the importance of self-expression and acceptance is at the core of Depop,” said Maria Raga, chief executive officer of Depop.

The event will be held at Corsica Studios in south London and there will be imagery, vintage clothing and accessories on display, which have been sourced by Depop’s community of vintage dealers and sellers.

Clothing items, including vintage Moschino, Kappa and Adidas, on show and for sale, are exact matches of pieces shown in archival photos provided by Youth Culture.

The Depop community is made up of more than 10 million users, who are “overwhelmingly” Gen Z, said Raga. “But they are very interested in all things Nineties, from both the buyer and the seller side.”

She added that Nineties rave culture was so much about youth in revolt, “as well as creativity and escapism and expressing yourself through what you wore, and these sentiments are still very relevant with Gen Z today,” Raga said.

Items of clothing at the exhibition will be sold exclusively, and via drops, through a dedicated shop on Depop. Following the first drop on Thursday, products will be dropping every day until Nov. 14 and purchases will be accompanied with a print of the corresponding Youth Club image.

“We want everyone to have a good time, and hopefully learn a little about the roots of many trends that are still bubbling up in culture today. Depop is about community-driven fashion and it’s more important than ever to connect with the community off-line whenever possible,” said Raga.

“We like to say Depop is a place you can build an empire from your bedroom and we see our physical retail locations in New York and Los Angeles as well as events like this as the perfect place to bring these young creatives together,” she added.

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