Ivan Scalfarotto

CHEER ON: The Italian government has been increasingly paying attention to the country’s fashion industry and in a further show of support, Ivan Scalfarotto, deputy minister of economic development, attended the Versace and Prada shows. “It’s a must to be here — fashion is a very important part of the economy, it’s a pillar,” he said at the Prada show on Sunday. “If Fiat [FCA Fiat Chrysler Automobiles] presents a new car, we would go. If there is a new ship being christened, we would attend; if a new manufacturing plant is set up, we would go unveil it. When a fashion company such as Prada holds its show, we should be there. And I intend to be increasingly present.”

Former Prime Minister Matteo Renzi inaugurated Milan Fashion Weeks for two seasons last year, forging a web of relations with Italian designers and executives, and Carlo Calenda, minister of economic development, has been investing in projects to help promote and develop the Italian fashion system around the world.