The Tara B is en route to a  Miami stopover.

DESIGNER HELPS SET SAIL: The designer known simply as agnès b. was in Paris preparing for her men’s wear show last weekend, but Tara the research schooner her company owns and helps support had made its way to Miami’s Epic Marina.

About to sail for the Asia-Pacific region for a two-year study, the boat will examine the biodiversity of reefs and the impact of climate change on the corals of the Pacific. During its stopover in Miami from June 28 through July 5, visitors can explore the schooner on July 3 and 4. The designer was present when the Tara departed from Lorient on May 28, starting a nearly 100,000-km Pacific Ocean tour expected to end in September 2018. The interdisciplinary team of scientists will consider the biodiversity and evolution of coral reefs in the context of major environmental disruptions linked to climate change and increasing stress from human activities.

For 13 years, the Tara has been conducting research to understand how climate change and ecological crises are impacting the world’s oceans through 10 expeditions. As owner and main supporter of Tara, agnès b. has been very vocal about her concern about the fate of the planet.

She said, “I have personally committed myself to this project, which in 2003, could seem like a complete utopia. But today, it is a remarkable story. Above all, it is a program that gave progress to science and which will continue. We succeeded to raise awareness to many of today’s youth to the environment, thanks to Tara’s human and scientific adventures.”

The company has also reissued some of its favorite Tara-inspired pieces including a striped T-shirt with an image of the schooner. The 10-piece offering is available online and in the designer’s Howard Street store in New York for a limited time.

After what should be a 23-day crossing to Miami, Tara will participate in the French-American Climate Talks on Oceans on July 1 at the Miami Dade College. From the Panama Canal to the archipelago of Japan in the first year and then on from New Zealand to China on the second, the schooner will cross 11 time zones and visit most remote islands and reefs to collect 40,000 samples. Easter Island, Auckland, Shanghai and Micronesia will be among the many stops.

What will make this different is this expedition’s combination of coral biologists, oceanographers and plankton specialists, enabling us to get an overview on much larger scale than ever before. Besides pursuing our scientific goals, the Tara Expeditions Foundation is conducting a long-term advocacy plan to mobilize civil society and encourage decision makers and the business community to find solutions for protecting solutions for preserving the Ocean. “Miami will be an opportunity to explain our work and raise public awareness about the environment, with special attention to young people,” says Romain Troublé, executive director of the Tara Expeditions Foundation.