RING TONE: Emerging talents Fyodor Podgorny and Golan Frydman, of the Fashion Fringe-winning label Fyodor Golan, have teamed with Nokia to ring in the first day of London Fashion Week on a high-tech note. The designers used 80 Nokia smartphones to create a skirt with the help of Kin, a London-based research and design company that has also developed a dedicated app for the project.

“The skirt is built using movement and a tile effect reminiscent of the mosaics and temples we were inspired by whilst backpacking in Myanmar and Cambodia last year,” the designers explained.

“The key property of the skirt is one continuous surface that knows where it is in space – it knows its orientation and position as it moves,” said Matt Wade, Kin’s creative director of advanced global positioning technology. “The surface can show static images, either pre-loaded into the system, or it can load live images from a camera feed. It can also show a moving image, again either pre-loaded or from a live camera feed.”

To simulate the characteristics of fabric, a digital overlay applies a slight color change that shifts as the skirt moves on the person wearing it. The skirt, which is valued at 68,000 pounds, or $112,200 at current exchange, will be paired with an oversized top, and worn by the model Chloe Nørgaard during the show.

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