RING THING: Some of the action at London Fashion Week takes place off the runways, in the form of exhibitions and events aimed that showcase British design. At Somerset House, the Rock Vault Dozen showcases the work of 12 jewelry designers using the precious metal palladium.

Vault curator Stephen Webster said each designer was given an ounce of palladium from which to create a ring. “Palladium is a new precious metal — it only recently got its hallmark — so for virtually everyone, it was the first time they’d worked with it. It was great to see how they applied their design aesthetic,” he said.

The Rock Vault is a joint initiative between the British Fashion Council and the International Palladium board, and was set up to nurture London’s fine jewelry talent. Having made its LFW debut in February, it is now in its second season and the line-up includes Katie Hillier, Husam El Odeh, Tomasz Donocki, and Yunus & Eliza.

Fernando Jorge, Hannah Martin and Jordan Askill have also made additional capsule collections in the metal.

Webster said he has great plans for the Dozen and plans to take Rock Vault to the annual Couture jewelry show in Las Vegas next year. “There’s going to be a tie in with a night club there as well,” he said. “Jewelry definitely rocks.”