RIHANNA’S DESTINEY: Destiney Bleu was days late in getting to Malibu’s Will Rogers State Beach Thursday afternoon. The Los Angeles designer had gladly put her plans for an afternoon out of the office on ice, after Rihanna’s team requested a rush order of crystal-encrusted tights.

That was a first for Bleu, who said the Grammy winner has been on her wish list forever, so much so that she and her design team have been known to chant “Rihanna” to try to will that to happen. In Miami recently for a collaboration with the Minimale Animale label during the SwimShow, Bleu said Rihanna’s new song “Wild Thoughts” with DJ Khaled was heard practically everywhere she went. “It was playing literally every five minutes. Every time we would get into an Uber, it would be playing. We were like, ‘Oh my God, she is like following us around.’ I said, ‘We should take it as a sign that that’s what’s next.’ And lo and behold, they e-mailed me to design some tights for the Crop Over Festival [in Barbados last weekend].”

Truth be told, Bleu was hoping the designer-loving singer would come calling for the upcoming MTV Video Music Awards on Aug. 27. (They had already envisioned a leopard printed catsuit for the occasion.) “I’ve taught my team a lot about manifesting things, and the more you talk about things, the more you can make them happen.” Bleu said.

Instead of taking a few hours of work, Rihanna’s order required 10 hours. “That’s usually how it goes with any big project. It was like that with Beyoncè too. If I think it’s going to be an easy thing, it never is,” she said. “It’s just a matter of putting in the work.”

Rihanna’s choice didn’t result in the “crazy overnight sales” that were generated after Kylie Jenner spotlighted Destiney Bleu on her Instagram, Bleu said. “With Rihanna, it was part of this grandiose outfit that was just amazing and had so many components to it. If she had tagged me, it would have been different. But sales this week have picked up a lot and a lot of people have followed me,” Bleu said. “I also know I wouldn’t be going to the beach day if she had.”

Next week, five Destiney Bleu collaborative styles will debut on Minimale Animale’s site. The company’s founder Cassandra Kellogg, a former stylist, started making swimsuits and wound up in Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit issue. “It’s really cool to partner with other brands that are similar to you and are just kind of friggin’ figuring things out,” she said.

In the case of Destiney Bleu, that will include pitching a lingerie room service concept for hotels to SBE Entertainment Group, which owns the Delano, Hudson and other properties.