GALA Princess Diana smiles as she arrives at the Tate Gallery in London, to attend the Centenary Gala honoring the world famous museum. Princess Diana would have been 50 years old, perhaps the only certainty about the course of a life abruptly cut short in a 1997 car crash in Paris, with a new boyfriend, two months past her 36th birthdayBritain Diana at 50, LONDON, United Kingdom

TABLE NUMBER ONE: “This should be a movie,” said Ann Curry, one of the guests at a luncheon celebrating Diane Clehane’s new book, “Imagining Diana,” hosted by Cindy Lewis and Mickey Ateyeh. In the novel, Clehane hypothesizes what Diana’s life would have been like had she survived the paparazzi-fueled car crash 20 years ago. Clehane, who has been a commentator on the British royal family for CNN, “Access Hollywood” and CBS News, is known for her weekly “Lunch” column for Adweek, where she interviews media and Hollywood celebrities over lunch at Michael’s. On Wednesday, she had the tables turned on her as she became the interview subject — at Michael’s, naturally. “I much prefer doing the interviewing than being interviewed,” said Clehane, who shared stories about how she did her research, including a lunch she had at Michael’s over two years ago with Charles Spencer, Diana’s younger brother.  Spotted elsewhere at the restaurant was Mickey Drexler, former chief executive officer and current chairman of J. Crew Group, who when asked what he’s been up to, said he’s been keeping busy.