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IN THE PINK: Talk about seeing fashion through rose-colored glasses. The retrospective presentation, ‘Escada  A View on Fashion 1978-2009,’ staged in Berlin’s magnificent Bode Museum, involved pink carpets, masses of pink lilies, non-stop pink champagne, pink light and even pink striped clouds,courtesy of Mother Nature. And 50 mannequins dressed in a rainbow of Escada looks easily held their own amidst the neo-baroque grandeur of the interior.

It was a show of confidence for the troubled fashion house. Given its well-publicized financial woes, can Escada afford such a five- if not six-figure bash? “May I answer that with a simple yes or no?” quipped Escada chief executive Bruno Sälzer. “But more seriously, I have to separate financial issues and fashion statement. It’s still more important than ever to motivate our customers and create a buzz, and show we have a special product full of glamour and color interpreted in a modern way. If you forget the financial situation, it’s a fantastic time to do that.” There were no dates to identify the vintage of the outfits, but Salzer said the aim was a free mix of Escada looks over the decades.


Among the glitterati taking in the exhibit was actress Diane Kruger. “I’ve heard so much about Berlin and fashion and thought, well, why not check it out?” she said, having caught the runway show of German-born, London-based Anja Gockel.  Kruger, who hasn’t lived here in her home country for several years, admitted that she didn’t know many German designers, but finds the capital  “a very fashionable city, I have to say.  It’s very cool,very young.”


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