ROME WASN’T BUILT IN A….: Two years after signing the sponsorship contract and five months after starting the works on the Colosseum, Diego Della Valle, chairman and chief executive officer of Tod’s SpA, outlined the project in Rome on Wednesday. The company has earmarked a total of 25 million euros, or $35 million at average exchange, to finance conservative restoration works of the historical amphitheater as per the contract stipulated with Italy’s Ministry of cultural properties and activities.

Tod’s will channel 10 million euros, or $13.5 million, on the first part of the works on a number of archways and entrance gates. These started in July and are expected to end in March 2016. The monument will continue to be visible and accessible to visitors throughout. Two other interventions are needed : a service center, which will be set up over the next 18 months, and the restoration of the interiors of the Colosseum.