DIEGO’S NEW CAUSE?: Opera-lovers booed the opening night of Tosca at Milan’s celebrated Teatro alla Scala on Sunday, but Tod’s chief Diego Della Valle may soon find reason to cheer. The theater, which receives both public and private funds, is rumored to be facing a hefty cut in public subsidies, according to a report published in the Italian daily Finanza e Mercati. This would allow La Scala Foundation members such as Della Valle to up their financial contributions and take on bigger roles in La Scala’s administration.

Della Valle has a well-established relationship with La Scala; in 2010, the Italian business exec partnered with the theater on an Asian tour and the production of a short promotional film called “An Italian Dream.”

He has also been actively involved in renovating Rome’s Colosseum and in launching a new high-speed train service, Italo, which will rival the government-operated Ferrovie dello Stato.

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