SUSTAINABLE LIVING: Renzo Rosso, founder of Diesel and parent group OTB, presented on Monday the “For Responsible Living” strategy, in a collaboration with Eco-Age and founder Livia Firth.

The strategy rests on four pillars: Be the Alternative, committing to creating alternative and responsible products; Stand for the Planet, committing to climate action by minimizing greenhouse gas emissions, water footprint and improving recycling rates; Celebrate Individuality, committing to developing a sustainability culture within the company, honoring employees’ rights and their diversity, and Promote Integrity, committing to the highest standards enhancing the traceability of products and promoting positive practices among suppliers.

“The goal is to implement a responsible business strategy that is respectful of people and the environment,” Rosso said. “Diesel will define measurable targets for the future — tracking progress — and Eco-Age will guarantee control. Consumers need this. I grew up and live in the countryside surrounded by nature, and today we need to face this vital challenge.”

“We have been in Diesel’s offices for the past six months,” Firth said. “It’s a complicated and serious project, sustainability takes courage and commitment and Renzo has both.”

Rosso’s son Andrea said he will present a first collection of upcycled clothes on Feb. 22 in Milan.

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