Diesel's "Gift a Thought" initiative.

THOUGHTS GIFTING: When it comes to gifting, everyone knows it’s the thought that counts — Diesel included.

The company launched an initiative that will see buyers of any item from the label’s men’s, women’s and kids’ wear collections receive a glass bubble container embellished with the “A Thought” lettering to gift.

Diesel's "Gift a Thought" initiative.

Diesel’s “Gift a Thought” initiative.  Courtesy Photo

To promote the tongue-in-cheek project, Diesel released a holiday video campaign, comprising a series of ironic short clips mocking awkward gifting situations, including a grandmother carefully unwrapping a bong and a boyfriend handing his girlfriend a portrait made of pasta.

In each video, the receiver’s surprised reaction ends up with the realization that it’s the thought that counts. “If it’s a thought that counts, then gift a thought,” reads the campaign’s claim.

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