DIET DATE: “Diet Coke is an icon…and I love an icon!” shouted Marc Jacobs from the stage to mark the brand’s 30th anniversary and to celebrate his role as its creative director at the German Gymnasium, near King’s Cross in London. Guests caught a glimpse of the new limited-edition collection of bottles that Jacobs has designed, and also watched him act in a short film that pays homage to three decades of fashion trends. The film takes three women on a whirlwind tour of the Eighties, Nineties and Aughts. “I literally do not have a free night this week, but I just knew I couldn’t miss this,” said the London retailer Brix Smith-Start, fresh from filming her new television series, “Ultimate Shopper.” “It’s going to be fabulous. A cross between ‘Supermarket Sweep’ and ‘The X-Factor.’”

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