Melissa Akkaway

“You might get a luxury bag for $300 that’s usually $3,000,” said Melissa Akkaway. On May 12 at 4 p.m. PST, the founder of The Particulars — a site decided to accessories — will host an auction on Instagram Live @The.Particulars to benefit Baby2Baby’s coronavirus relief efforts.

Over 20 articles, new and gently used items by brands that include Celine, Goyard, Balenciaga, Fendi and Christian Louboutin, with a combined retail value of more than $100,000, will be featured. All bids will begin at $20.

“It’s important to start at a price point that’s affordable,” Akkaway continued. “We want to raise as much money as possible. We want this to be open far and wide.”

One-hundred percent of proceeds from the digital auction will go to Baby2Baby, a Los Angeles-based organization that provides children with basic necessities, from diapers to clothing and essential goods. Amid COVID-19, the charity has broadened its undertakings to supply urgent needs, like infant formula, baby food and snacks (through a donation by Plum Organics).

Christian Louboutin

Bidding on all items, including these Christian Louboutin heels, starts at $20.  Courtesy

“It’s about upcycling in a way that is meaningful right now with what’s happening,” said Akkaway. Those opening their closets for the initiative, named Closets2Closets, include Cassandra Grey of Violet Grey, U Beauty founder Tina Craig, wedding and event planner Mindy Weiss, model and YouTuber Valeria Lipovetsky and Future Earth cofounder Stephanie Shepherd. “The more we can help the community, the more we can help people get out of difficult situations that they’re in.”

To take part, the public must register at and bid in the comments section of the Instagram Live. “It’s see-now-buy-now,” she added. “And I’ll ship to them as soon as I can.”