The cover of “I Don’t Like My Hair!"

BIG HAIR: She’s perfected her own Penelope Tree-style ‘do down to a T, but Dior Joaillerie’s Victoire de Castellane, for her latest extracurricular creative project, has lent her drawing skills to a children’s book themed around a subject dear to many a little girl and woman’s heart: hair envy.

Published by Éditions Albin Michel, and titled “J’aime pas mes cheveux” (“I Don’t Like My Hair” in English) the fun, illustrated tome, for now, is only available in French.

“The idea behind this book is to learn to love yourself….It is a comforting book for the thousands of little girls and women in general who are concerned by this hair struggle and who, more generally, do not accept themselves the way they are,” said de Castellane, who teamed with author Nathalie Azoulai on the project.

“Hair is a reflection of the personality but it is also the only physical aspect on which one can quite easily act,” added the designer. “My mother decided that a fringe would suit me and I accepted it. I have kept the fringe ever since and it has become a part of me even if it did not prevent me, from the age of 10, from experimenting with every possible color under the sun — to varying success.”

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