Dita Von Teese

For the first time, Dita Von Teese is offering the public an intimate look inside her world of beauty, dance and art of seduction this weekend in Los Angeles.

“Throughout my career, I’m always asked if I give striptease lessons,” the burlesque star said. “I’m asked about doing makeup tutorials, since I famously do my own hair and makeup, but I didn’t want to just put videos out into the world.…I wanted to do something in person, where I could connect with people and actually show what I do, mistakes and all, and how I fix them.”

Held at The Paramour Estate — a historic, Twenties residence in Silver Lake where guests have the option to stay — Von Teese is offering demonstrations, classes, workshops and panels. On Aug. 24 and 25 from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., the weekend will feature a handful of professionals and friends that she has worked with through the years, from burlesque dancer Dirty Martini and striptease expert Catherine D’Lish to makeup artist Gregory Arlt and hairstylist Tony Medina. Saturday, which costs between $150 and $700 with the option of adding on private experiences, is dedicated to beauty, hair and makeup, while Sunday — $150 to $1,000 and sold out — will feature “striptease and movement classes.”

“My intention is to take this idea and travel with it and open it up to more people and a bigger audience at a lower ticket price,” Von Teese shared.

As her burlesque show has grown and she’s been searching for larger theaters in new locations, she has come across cities in the U.S., like Portland, Ore., and Nashville, where she’s been unable to perform, she said: “I’ve been forbidden to do my show, because of silly, restrictive laws on the female form, which I will say, are not applicable to the male form and drag queens performing striptease and burlesque. There’s more and more of that actually. It’s happening more now than ever.”

But the demand is there, she said. And her “Weekend of Glamour,” as she calls it, is about helping her audience find “all the different ways to achieve glamour.”

“Glamour is a special thing that’s hard to define,” she continued. “It encompasses what my whole world is about, which is about creating an artistic allure that I feel anyone can accomplish if they want to.”