DOLLARS AND SCENT: BLK DNM celebrated its first foray into fragrance on Wednesday night at a cocktail party in Miami at the Webster, where Johan Lindeberg held court in the far corner of the third floor. The designer had turned on his inner Willy Loman for the occasion, and described the fragrance, Perfume 11, as “all the stuff I like: black pepper, musk, cedarwood and incense.” Lindberg held a bottle of the scent in one hand while he circulated, looking like a department stor scent dispenser, and occasionally offering passerby like Laure Heriard-Dubreuil and Chelsea Leyland a spritz.  

“I went to the fair today,” Lindeberg said of his trip to Art Basel Miami. “I always come to Basel, because it’s a great way to raise your awareness of what’s out there I go and I take pictures of all the art and then I put them up later and it’s like a fair of my own. It’s pretty cool.”

On the second floor, partygoer Waris Ahluwalia admired his jewelry collection, House of Waris, for sale in the hotel’s boutique. He pointed out the baubles in question while feigning a swoon. “I’m here to support my Viking brother,” Ahluwalia explained of Lindeberg, upstairs, before turning on his own used-car salesman routine for a partygoer passing by the jewelry case, asking her “You know what lasts forever? Gold.”

Aaron Young and Harmony Korine also made brief appearances at the Webster, as did Jean Piggozzi, Andre Saraiva and Bill Powers. “There’s just so many things going on tonight, everyone’s always heading to the party they think is better than the one they’re at,” one partygoer explained of the rapid-fire entrances and exits. “Do you think anyone’s seen the art yet?”

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