ONLY IN AMERICA: Opportunistic designer David Herzka really tied one on with Donald Trump Sunday morning, but not in the colloquial sense. During a rise-and-shine breakfast at the Long Branch, N.J., home of his daughter Ivanka’s in-laws Seryl and Charles Kushner, Trump mingled with 100 or so of their inner circle. “It was pretty low-key. But he’s very serious and believes in what he’s doing,” Herzka said. “Everyone felt he’s really a potential contender.”

The Kushners’ enterprising son, Jared, made the rounds with Ivanka, but another power couple — his venture capitalist-skilled brother Joshua and Karlie Kloss — were not on the scene. Trump’s son-in-law no doubt has his reserve of potential campaign supporters as owner of Kushner Properties and the New York Observer.

Herzka, who started his direct-to-consumer online neckwear line David Fin earlier this year, showed his own moxie by having a word with The Donald and giving him a tie in what he thought would be the candidate’s favorite colors — red, white and blue. Herzka told Trump about the Battery Park-based start-up that makes all of its ties in the U.S. and donates $5 of each $85 sale to Hiring Our Heroes, a nonprofit that helps veterans find work. “Obviously, I didn’t have a whole hour with him, but he loved the values of what I’m doing — a start-up company that does production locally and helps veterans find work. We sell direct to consumers, eliminate the middle man and pass the savings on to consumers,” Herzka said. “And jobs in the U.S.A. and helping veterans are two of his big issues.”

As thing stand, the David Fin brand should tally “a couple hundred thousand dollars” in sales over the next six to eight months, Herzka said.