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LICENSE TO DRESS: The on-screen James Bond character and President-elect Donald Trump—on and off screen—share a common passion: Brioni suits. Trump has been a paying customer for many years, according to the Italian men’s wear brand, controlled by Kering. Responding to queries about the designs, Brioni said Trump’s suits are bespoke “and the silhouette and fabrics follow his personal requirements.”

To be sure, Trump has worn Brioni for a long time. In his “Think Like a Millionaire” book published in 2004, Trump’s tips included: “The best is your quest. Elevate your tastes; don’t stagnate in the mediocre-to-good category.” To this end, he ticked off Brioni under his “The Best Shirts” category. “I’ve worn some great shirts over the years, but I now favor Brioni (the same brand as my favorite suits). Brioni shirts are fitted so they feel and look great,” he wrote. As for “The Best Ties,” Trump cited Brioni and Hermès. “And I must say, as I keep mentioning Brioni, that they graciously supply me with my clothing for ‘The Apprentice.’ Trump also pointed to Graff, Harry Winston, Asprey, Tiffany and Fred Leighton for “The Best Jewelry.”

But Trump has deviated since then – at least when it comes to his taste in ties. He now tends to wear his own ties, which are reportedly made in China.

Trump’s Brioni silhouette is unique, to say the least, focusing on long, almost thigh-length jackets and a voluminous cut. His ties are equally long, falling well past the belt level most men’s style experts say is the ideal.

Trump’s love for Brioni also extends to his properties, it seems: This year, Brioni opened its first boutique in Washington, D.C,. at the Trump International Hotel in a restored 19th century building. At least the new president-elect won’t have far to go to get new suits.

Brioni is one thing Trump and President Barack Obama have in common as the latter has also worn the brand’s tailored suits for years.


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