Donna Karan’s book blitz continues on the West Coast, as the designer touched down in Los Angeles for a book signing on Friday at Eric Buterbaugh Florals.

“Eric is a dear friend and when he told me about this store it felt like our store on Melrose Avenue [which closed several years ago]. I miss that store; I hope to be back there very soon,” she said of the courtyard garden space, which is currently being subleased.

Asked what the most common question she gets at book signings is, Karan said, “Everyone is asking, ‘When is the next book coming out?’ It’s so typical of the fashion industry, like, ‘OK, you’ve shown it, what’s next?’ I’d like people to absorb this one first. Everybody is taking it from a different perspective, like my childhood or how I started. Of course, everyone in the industry is looking at the last chapter.”

As for her new chapter, Karan has found new customers at Urban Zen among her readers. “Now that I’ve had the time to look at Urban Zen I go, ‘Oh my God look at how much I have to do,’ where before it just worked, it was easy. Now I see the whole thing as a scope and so many people want the collection.”

As for being able to focus her design on just one collection, she said, “That’s the tougher part for me. It was easy when I had both collections so I can put one point of view out here and say, ‘Here are my seven easy pieces I need for myself.’ It was much easier having three collections. Restriction is not one of my middle names.”

Along with her vow to visit “the C’s – Chile, China, Cuba and Colombia,” where she’s hoping to work with local artisans, Karan has toyed with the idea of moving out west. “I love Malibu and to be on the water. It’s always been a dream of mine to live out here. I thought of having a design room here.”

She’d have plenty of company. “A friend of mine is just getting a house out here – Calvin — and Vera is here. It’s not out of possibility at all.”

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