Donna Karan, 2019.

Donna Karan has revealed she was hospitalized with COVID-19.

The fashion designer spoke about her experience with the virus on her Instagram and during the virtual “Women for Ray” fundraiser on Tuesday, which supported New York mayoral candidate Ray McGuire.

“I was in the hospital the other day,” she said during the fundraiser. “I have COVID-19. I experienced it and one of my biggest things has always been health care. Where is the care in health care? There is disease care. Who’s caring for the nurses? What I saw in these hospitals is unacceptable.”

Karan tested positive for COVID-19 just a few days after receiving the first dose of the Pfizer vaccine. On Jan. 26, she shared an image of herself receiving the vaccine with the caption: “So grateful to be getting the @pfizerinc vaccine today at New York Presbyterian Hospital. Thank you to all the nurses and doctors who are helping in these efforts.”

Karan then posted on Instagram on Jan. 30 that she tested positive for COVID-19 after being exposed to the virus a few days before getting the vaccine.

“Well, we never think it’s going to ‘happen to me.’ I sure didn’t. But crazy enough, the day after getting the first vaccine, I was told I’d been exposed to COVID-19 a few days before, so my staff and I were tested…sure enough I was positive,” she wrote.

On Feb. 3, Karan posted a series of images at the hospital, telling her followers that she was feeling better after going to the emergency room Sunday night. She also shared a message of taking better care of frontline workers during the pandemic.

“I had a front row view of our frontline workers in action,” she wrote. “I am fine and can’t reinforce enough my husband Stephan’s wishes to take care of the nurses. They took great care of me. And thank you to all the doctors, nurses, EMTs and hospital staff @mountsinainy. I couldn’t believe how much you were dealing with in the ER, waiting room and even the hallways. I honor what you do for all of us each and every day. You are my heroes!!”

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