BAND OF BLOGGERS: The fashion industry’s love affair with bloggers sees no end. Consider DRA Clothing, which is launching two collaborations with vlogger Carly Cristman and blogger Kelli Murray this summer.

The Los Angeles-based women’s contemporary label had lined up a collaboration with Cristman for spring 2017 until her fans hankered for the sequin-heavy collection to come out a year earlier. The tie-up with Murray, an illustrator who also designs a children’s clothing line called Rylee & Cru, is being released this summer at retailers such as ASOS, Revolve Clothing, Scout and Thistle & Clover.

DRA founder and designer Diana Ra isn’t planning to stop there. “I’m really pushing this one over here for my next one,” she said at a luncheon at Terrine on Thursday, gesturing to Oh Joy! blogger Joy Cho, who was standing behind her. The alumna of fashion brands such as Lucky Brand and Arden B. doesn’t view Cho’s contract with Target that covers a home and nursery line as an obstacle. “I’m definitely wining and dining her,” she said.

If Cho were unavailable, Ra had her pick among the other bloggers in attendance, including Rachel Nguyen, Jenny Tsang and Grasie Mercedes. Partnering with bloggers can extend a brand to new territory. With Cristman, Ra said, “it’s a reach for DRA. We don’t do sparkles.” In the case of Murray, the Encinitas, Calif.-based illustrator designed moons, yellow daisies and vines that will be printed on a romper, Empire-waist tank minidress, tank top with a peplum and six other pieces retailing for between $110 and $160. A $60 girls’ dress with crisscross back in the daisy print also was added at the last minute.

“When the stores picked it up, they were like, ‘Where’s the mini?'” Ra said. “Since Kelli and I are both mothers, it made sense.”