DINING WITH DREW: Almost a year after Flower hit Walmart shelves, Drew Barrymore threw an intimate soiree Wednesday evening at Olive & June in Beverly Hills for beauty industry and media guests to check out the newest additions to her beauty brand’s Nail’d It collection of polishes. Barrymore said one of her main goals with the polishes was to perfect the nude colors. “I get really bummed out when I get a mani and spend precious time that I don’t really have in life to get something done and it doesn’t look like I did anything as some nude colors tend to do. So, I tried to give the nudes enough oomph in order to tell that you’ve had a manicure or painted your nails when it’s on,” she explained. As Flower enters its second year, Barrymore indicated customers should expect a higher level of innovation from the brand. “Some of the products are going to be a little bit more challenging to a consumer because they won’t be so traditional and obvious. I think they are going to take a little figuring out,” she said, pointing to lip and cheek, and eye duos in particular. Barrymore elaborated, “I have always loved putting my lipsticks on my cheeks because I like a monochromatic look, but anything that’s sold as a duo doesn’t usually work on one part of me. If it works on my cheeks, it dries my lips out. If it works on my lips, it runs on my cheeks. I finally found a formula that actually works well for both.”