Demand for video content continues to increase.

Aimed at fashion brand influencers and bloggers as well as consumers, the just-launched Dubdub mobile app helps users create and edit 90-second videos.

The app is free on the Apple App Store, and the Toronto-based company said it “tackles the challenge of long production times and complex editing processes to produce high-quality videos on mobile that can be shared in real-time.”

The demand for the app is driven by consumers, who are spending more time on mobile devices. “Despite the rise of demand for more video content, bloggers and influencers have difficulty producing timely content to meet the demands of their audiences,” the company said.

Zbigniew Barwicz, president and chief executive officer of Dubdub, said, “Creating quality video content can be intimidating and costly. The easy-to-use system we’ve created will empower bloggers to harness the influence of video to get noticed in today’s saturated market, and give them a platform to be seen by more fans and potential sponsors.”

The affiliate marketing segment is a $4.5 billion business, according to Forrester Research, and is expected to grow to $6 billion in the next two years. The bulk of the market is composed of fashion apparel, accessories, beauty and consumer product brand bloggers and influencers who include product images and videos in their posts. The quality, though, varies, and is often done using mobile devices.

“Dubdub brings high-quality video production capabilities to all levels,” Barwicz said.

Aside from social influencers and consumers, media reporters are also expected to use the app, which allows them “to easily consolidate videos taken from multiple vantage points and publish them with synchronized sounds,” the app maker said, adding that uploading videos to social platforms “can be done in a single tap with virtually no lag time from shoot to share.”

The app maker has partnered with several companies such as Travel Massive and Eatertainment Special Events as well as Inglot Cosmetics to provide bloggers with the mobile video app. “Influencers have created videos like makeup tutorials, behind-the-scenes looks at events, and product reviews and promotions — all on the fly within minutes of shooting,” Dubdub noted in a statement.

Grzegorz Inglot, executive adviser to the board at Inglot, said that despite advances in native advertising and social media technology, “video creation is still same as it was 20 years ago, requiring a lot of time, money, commitment and investment in infrastructure.” With Dubdub, Inglot said these challenges are eliminated.