SCOUTS HONORED: The Duchess of Cambridge attended the National Review of Queen’s Scouts at Windsor Castle on Sunday, an annual event that honors various members of the Queen’s Scouts, the Commonwealth and the winners of the Queen’s Scout Award. This is her first visit back to Windsor since the news of her pregnancy announced in January.

The Scout Association is an organization that both royal women are involved in — the Queen is a patron of the institution and the Duchess is a Scout volunteer, who recently joined a Scout troop for a day in Lake District. Kate wore a pale green Mulberry coat and attended the National Scout service at St. George Chapel.

In other royal news, the Queen celebrated her 87th birthday privately, according to Buckingham Palace. Prince Harry attended the London Marathon, supported the participants and praised Bostonians. “It was always going to be really well run and it always is, typically the British way the London Marathon has been running for years,” he told the BBC. “The way that Boston has dealt with it has been absolutely remarkable. It’s never going to get anyone down here, the great thing about the marathon is no matter what color you are, or religion, no matter what nationality you are, everyone comes together to run a certain distance to raise money for amazing causes.”