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SOLO SOJOURN: The Duchess of Cambridge embarked on her first solo trip to the Netherlands on Tuesday, spending the day touring The Hague and Rotterdam on a series of engagements.

In The Hague, she is to meet King Willem-Alexander at Villa Eikenhorst, where he lives with his family Queen Maxima and their three daughters, Princesses Amalia, Alexia and Ariane. The duchess, who is a patron of the National Portrait Gallery and an art lover, plans to visit the Mauritshuis art gallery.

She will view an exhibition of Dutch Old Masters paintings, furniture and artifacts, which were loaned by the Royal Collection and owned by the British royals. She will also meet with children involved with the learning program, and will attend a reception at the museum.

The duchess will take part in a roundtable talk pertaining to mental health at the home of Sir Geoffrey Adams, the British ambassador to the Netherlands. The talk will include members from the Trimbos Institute, a research center that aids mental health and addiction, the Anna Freud Centre for Children, and Families and Action on Addiction.

In Rotterdam, the duchess will observe a community project that offers a workshop to aid teenagers.

She arrived in The Hague wearing a cornflower blue Catherine Walker wool crepe skirt suit.

On Monday, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge joined Prince Harry to celebrate World Mental Health Day in London. The royal trio headed to London’s County Hall in Southbank and hosted the event under their Heads Together campaign, an initiative that they launched earlier this year that aims to support children and teens battling mental health issues.

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