DYLAN LAUREN’S NEW CRUSH: Online video game phenomenon Candy Crush Saga is segueing into a sweet, and logical, brand extension: candy. The sugary treats will be launched at a pre-Halloween party hosted by Dylan Lauren on Oct. 30 at the Dylan’s Candy Bar flagship in New York. The colorful range, which is packaged in movie-theater size boxes for under $4, includes fruit gummies, jelly fish and color bombs, in various fruit flavors, all inspired by the wildly addictive smartphone game. The confections will be available exclusively at Dylan’s Candy Bar shops in New York, Miami and Los Angeles, before rolling out to Walmart and other retailers later in the month. There’s a massive built-in audience for the King-owned brand, as over 54 million players log on to Candy Crush Saga every day, according to September AppData figures.

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