EARTHQUAKE IMPACTS BLUFIN: Days after a 5.8 earthquake shattered old churches, collapsed factories and left thousands homeless in Italy’s Emilia-Romagna region, the northern part of the peninsula continues to quiver. Tuesday’s was the second large quake to affect the area, following a 6.0 earthquake on May 20, and numerous aftershocks are keeping residents on edge.

Blufin SpA, parent company of Blumarine, is headquartered in Carpi, close to the epicenter of Tuesday’s quake. A spokeswoman confirmed Thursday that damage to the site was not serious, however she said chief executive Gianguido Tarabini had decided to close operations there until Monday “because the workers are terrified.”

Tarabini, who is the son of Blumarine founders Anna Molinari and Gianpaolo Tarabini, lambasted the slow arrival of assistance to the affected area.

“Unfortunately it’s discouraging to note that, faced with the fear we are all living, the main feeling is one of abandonment,” he said, adding that people pretending to be leaders from the Civil Protection Service have been issuing fake evacuation orders and then pillaging homes. “Carpi is not a small town, it has 70,000 inhabitants who needassistance and protection… We need people who defend us and guarantee our wellbeing and safety. My people are scared. I’m calling for help: don’t leave us all alone.”

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