THE FINE ARTS: The duo behind arty, experimental brand Eckhaus Latta have converted a portion of their Los Angeles studio and offices into a storefront for its growing following.

The label’s set off about 300 square feet of its workspace at 5204 Fountain Ave. for its first-ever store, which will be celebrated at an event there this evening. The line’s founders, Mike Eckhaus and Zoe Latta, have already been selling direct to customers through their online shop that’s been around for about two-and-a-half years. They see brick-and-mortar as bringing them even closer to their client base.

“It was largely a desire to offer a physical space for our customers and engage in a conversation with our customers in real life,” Latta said of the decision to open their own door. “We have an online store that’s incredibly helpful and great but now we wanted to offer that in a space that could aesthetically offer part of our brand identity and then also offer a space to do more experimental projects.”

The intimate space isn’t so much about having everything in the line available and then moving product, she added.

Latta and Eckhaus split their time between Los Angeles, where Latta resides, and New York, where Eckhaus lives.

New York makes sense for another store, Eckhaus said, but there are no plans currently in the works for a second door. New York real estate is also more challenging, Eckhaus pointed out, and the decision to open in L.A. first is in line with the city’s evolving fashion and art communities.

“There’s just something very exciting with L.A. compared to New York,” Eckhaus said. “What [L.A.] offers, as a community, that’s really I think grown in a new direction in the past few years.”

Eckhaus Latta is currently sold in about 30 doors globally, including Opening Ceremony, and recently inked a deal with Selfridges, with items from the autumn/winter 2016 collection set to be delivered there next month.

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