SUBCULTURE SPREAD: Japanese denim manufacturer Edwin opened its first store in Germany — a monobrand boutique in Berlin’s jeans district around Hackescher Markt — on Thursday.

“After Paris and London, we decided on Berlin because Germany is a big and important market. It’s also the most open and creative city, the home of subculture, and that’s what denim is,” said Edwin brand manager Pierre Boisselle.

The Berlin store carries the complete men’s and women’s wear collections, accessories and Edwin’s seasonal collaborations with friends and like-minded creative types.

The 700-square-foot space on Rochstraße takes a cue from the low-key designs of the three existing Edwin stores, with simple metal racks and fiber boards, yet has an even more minimalist, white-cube style.

It’s only the fourth monobrand store for the company established in Japan in 1947, but Edwin is aiming at expanding its monobrand strategy with other boutiques to be opened in Milan and London’s Covent Garden this year.

“The market getting more and more difficult for multibrand stores, and we believe in monobrand stores,” said Boisselle. “It is also a better way to develop and present our brand. We can show progressive collections and collaborations that would not be seen at stockists this way, so it’s also a marketing exercise for us.”