WITH THIS RING: In what will be the first on-site wedding, Elad’s Idan Cohen and Elad Borenstein plan to marry Friday at Lincoln Center before their first New York runway show. Aleta St. James will officiate when the pair exchange vows in IMG’s upper-level lounge at 1 p.m., right before the call time for their 4 p.m. show. IMG is springing for the flowers and their publicist Kelly Cutrone’s daughter Ava will be serving as a flower maiden of sorts. 
Being able to have a same-sex wedding and a New York City runway show are lifelong dreams for Cohen, Elad’s president, and Bornstein, the company’s chief executive. The Tel Aviv-based couple lined up a New York state marriage certificate in December, when they visited New York to make a personal request for a show time. They said they were “truly happy” to be achieving two dreams at the same time, and on Valentine’s Day to boot.
St. James said, “Elad and Idan are a beautiful couple. I am honored to be officiating their sacred union and making fashion history at the same time. Love is always in fashion.” In addition to being an ordained minister and a well-known energy healer, St. James is the sister of Guardian Angels founder Curtis Silwa. The anti-crime activist and his fellow red jacket-wearing supporters are not invited. But should they turn up, “Who wouldn’t want a few Guardian Angels floating around their wedding?” Cutrone said. 
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