Elaine Welteroth

On the heels of the release of her best-selling memoir “More Than Enough: Claiming Space for Who You Are,” Elaine Welteroth has partnered with two brands for merch tied to the book.

Welteroth, the former Teen Vogue editor in chief and current “Project Runway” judge, has collaborated with socially, politically minded sweater brand Lingua Franca on a cashmere sweater that is embroidered with the name of her book, “More Than Enough.” In addition, she has partnered with ByChari for a necklace reading “More Than Enough.”

“Collaborating with both Chari [Cuthbert of ByChari] and Rachelle [Hruska of Lingua Franca] — two talented female entrepreneurs I admire — was a chance to celebrate the power of what this book is all about: women coming together,” Welteroth says. “Before I even put pen to paper on my book, I thought of it as a conversation starter and a tool for community building among women. So, I approached these collaborations in the same way. Both pieces we created incorporate the book title ‘More Than Enough’ because that is the sentiment I wanted readers to walk away feeling. My hope is that these pieces will serve as a reminder to ourselves and each other that no matter where you are on your journey, no matter what the world says, you already are more than enough — even if you are a work in progress (which we all are). It’s both a mantra and a call to action to reclaim the parts of ourselves that have made us feel less than for too long.”

The products are available on the brands’ respective web sites. The ByChari necklace is made in Los Angeles; the Lingua Franca sweater purchase will donate $100 of the $380 sales price to the LES Girls Club, where both Welteroth and Hruska are board members.

Elaine Welteroth 


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