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Donna Karan got a woman elected president in 1992 — at least in fashion advertising land — and now Elie Tahari is doing the same in his fall campaign although, this time around, the dream might come true come November. Titled “Madam President,” Tahari’s campaign features Israeli model Shlomit Malka as the President of the United States, depicted behind her desk in the Oval Office wearing a body-skimming red dress, walking the halls in a black suit with Secret Service agents, and delivering a press conference in a gray dress with lace sleeves.

The Donna Karan ads, which were in black and white, were vaguely similar, showing the “President” being sworn in, sitting at her desk in the Oval Office and on the telephone. Asked about the similarity, Tahari said he wasn’t inspired by Karan’s ads. “No, it’s really about what’s happening right now — this historic moment.

“What could be more powerful than a woman in the Oval Office?” said Tahari, who has never used his ad campaigns to display his politics. “This is an exciting and historic moment. A woman is finally going to be President of the United States.” Clearly he’s optimistic about Hillary Clinton as the Republican National Convention gets underway in Cleveland and the Democratic one follows next week in Philadelphia.

Photographer James Macari shot the campaign. The ads will appear on Tahari’s digital channels beginning in August, as well as digital ads in The New York Times, Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar. A short film shot by  director Bill Weinpahl will accompany the campaign as well as a Snapchat filter that will enable Snapchat users to insert their face on the image in the Oval Office, allowing the user to see themselves as President of the United States.