Los Angeles-based art-meets-streetwear brand Foo and Foo, designed by Elizabeth Hilfiger (daughter of Tommy Hilfiger), is set to launch a 24-hour, limited-edition collaboration with CGI model, influencer and artist Lil Miquela, today.

At the Instagram-listed 18:00 time, Hilfiger will open her ongoing 314 Canal Street pop-up — put on by Vibes Studio and Wallplay Network— with exclusive $30 baby blue ribbed tank tops, featuring an image of Lil Miquela’s face with the word “Overheating” — a play on computers and “the state of today’s world” — in blocked silver text. The tank was inspired by Mandy Moore’s music video for “Candy,” as explained via a quote from Lil Miquela.

The collaboration came to fruition when Lil Miquela’s team reached out to Hilfiger to let her know that Miquela was a fan of the brand. Not knowing that Miquela was a robot, Hilfiger sent her a Foo and Foo shirt, which ended up on Miquela’s instagram, and DMed her about meeting up; the instance is now a truly entertaining joke between the two L.A.-based creators of Miquela, their “modern Marvel,” and Hilfiger.