Elle Fanning, Samantha McMillen and Eden XO.

HILLTOP VIEWS: “Bye,” Elle Fanning said a bit too gleefully to stylist Samantha McMillen during introductions with a reporter.

McMillen, who was hosting a dinner party celebrating the Asos fall 2016 collection, said nothing as the actress scampered off. The two were part of an intimate gathering that also included model Shaun Ross and singer Eden XO along with stylists such as Petra Flannery, Ashley Avignone, Erica Cloud and Johnny Wujek.

The group assembled at the hilltop midcentury Simon House in the Trousdale Estates neighborhood of Beverly Hills for a dinner poolside. They mingled, surrounded by the city lights below, amid fixtures on which hung men’s and women’s clothing ranging from men’s blazers in floral and plaid prints and bombers with embroidered detailing to the Asos Reclaimed Vintage line and eveningwear. The company’s Made in Kenya line, set for release next week and all produced in Kenya, included graphic floral prints in black and red along with another print featuring the drawings of local Kenyan school children.

McMillen pointed to the chinoiserie tunics, bombers and soft, oversize T-shirts as some of her favorites, along with velvet booties and embellished bags. “It’s fun and festive and not over the top,” she said of the season’s collection. “A little bit retro, but done really well.”

The heat wave pressing on Southern California over the past few days has made it difficult to think about anything other than shorts and tank tops, but that didn’t stop Asos from also showing fluffy aviator coats and motorcycle jackets with faux fur trims. One should have a good pair of evening shoes, boots, a coat, a raincoat and a good New Year’s Eve outfit McMillen said, ticking off the list of essentials for the remainder of the year.

The stylist, who works with Fanning and sister Dakota, focuses mostly on the red carpet and with both her clients set to see film releases over the coming month, she has had her hands full, saying, “It’s been a busy time, but an exciting time working with those lovely ladies.”