A western denim collboaration look from Ellery x SLVRLAKE Denim

Ellery has linked with Los Angeles-based, premium denim label Slvrlake to debut a collection of Western-inspired ready-to-wear. 

“I have always wanted to extend my brand into a casual space, and for me, this was the perfect moment,” Kym Ellery, founder of her namesake label, explained to WWD. “Both of our respective brands embody a certain nostalgia. We love to look to the past for inspiration and wanted to fuse each of our perspectives to form a modern yet classic look in the world of denim.”

A look from Ellery x SLVRLAKE Denim

A look from Ellery x Slvrlake Denim  Courtesy Photo

The brand founders met organically through mutual friends, Gary and Louise Edgley, the husband-and-wife cofounders of Slvrlake, said via Zoom. During a trip to Paris in late 2019, Gary Edgley was introduced to Ellery; the two bonded over the idea of bringing their brands together. Once Edgley was back in Los Angeles, they got to work on developing their first collaboration

“I think we were very attracted to different parts of each other’s brands,“ Gary Edgley said. “We were very attracted to her very sculptural elements and she was attracted to the comfort and wash elements. There was a lot of interesting discussion on how you merge those two worlds; figure out a way to make really structural garments comfortable and vice versa.” 

Titled “The Future West,” the pieces meld Ellery’s structural and voluminous DNA — specifically citing bold silhouettes from the designer’s 2018 Couture show in Paris — with Slvrlake’s signature vintage denim washes and heritage fabrics. Denim tops and dresses incorporate corset details that were applied in a “soft and nonrestrictive way,” while shirt sleeves were designed to offer a balance between dramatic volume and lightweight wearability. Signature Western yoke details can be seen throughout the line, which features a selection of black and blue jean offerings. 

A look from Ellery x SLVRLAKE Denim

A look from Ellery x <span style="font-weight: 400;">Slvrlake</span> Denim  Courtesy Photo

“What was exciting for me was cross referencing both of our worlds so that we would arrive in a new place that felt fresh and of course, comfortable,” Ellery stated. 

“It was a super interesting experience to challenge each other and push the boundaries of what each other does,” Gary Edgley echoed.

Launching Friday on both brands’ e-commerce platforms and with select retail partners, the collaboration collection includes 14 silhouette styles in varied washes and ranges in price from $239 to $699. In addition, Slvrlake hinted at the possibility of a continuing collaborative partnership between the two brands. 

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