SECOND SKIN: Entrepreneur and designer Enzo Fusco ‘s latest fashion project is a T-shirt brand with Emanuele Filiberto di Savoia.

“I was in Sardinia on a boat and I went to see him, and he’s always so nice that he invites me to dinner or breakfast,” Fusco recalled. “Seated before spaghetti and a glass of wine, he said ‘Enzo, why don’t we do something together?’”

“I’ve always wanted to do something in fashion that reflected my personality,” Di Savoia said at the project’s unveiling in Milan on Saturday night. “Lots of people have said, ‘Oh, let’s use your name and do dress shirts, or sweaters.’ But it doesn’t interest me unless it’s something I would wear. And you know, in fashion everything’s been done and by people with much more experience than I have, much more creativity.”

The only item missing in his own closet, Di Savoia said, was a high quality T-shirt versatile enough to be worn for all occasions – “a second skin.” With his decades of experience in the sportswear industry, Fusco was the perfect partner.

Called Prince Tees, the resulting capsule collection features eight styles in a lightweight cotton-cashmere blend, available for men and women. In a playful nod to Di Savoia’s blue-blood origins – he is the grandson of Italy’s last reigning king, Umberto III, who was deposed in 1946 – the brand’s logo is capped with a cartoonish crown.

Fusco was eager to emphasize that all the T-shirts are all 100 percent Made in Italy, and retail prices will not exceed 80 or 90 euros, or about $103 to $115 at current exchange rates. They are to hit shelves this month at select retailers in Italy and abroad, and both Fusco and Di Savoia alluded to a possible expansion of the line in 2015.

“The sky is the limit with cashmere,” Di Savoia said, citing sweatshirts and baggy trousers as possible additions. – Cynthia Martens

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