TALKING EMMYS: It is not the walls of the Green Room at the Emmy Awards that audiences are going to hope can talk on Sunday, but, instead, metal bouche drapery that Derek Lam and interior designer Neal Beckstedt thought evoked both the movement of a car and of fabric. Audi, the official automotive partner of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, Beckstedt and Lam worked together to design the Audi Green Room, which reflects Lam’s preference for simple interiors that contain furnishings from the mid-century to contemporary periods mixed with older, worn carpet to add warmth.

“We heard the guys hang out here because they don’t need as much hair and makeup before they get on stage,” Lam said. “So, they will probably get a drink and be waiting for their co-presenters. We really wanted to create an environment where there was already glamour backstage, like a little club where it wasn’t just about waiting to get on stage.”

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In his scant free time, Lam has made it through Showtime’s “Homeland,” which scored nine Emmy nominations, including for Claire Danes in the category outstanding lead actress in a drama. “She’s an amazing actress. I can’t watch it as a serial, where it is once a week. I love to download a bunch of them because I can’t let go,” he said.

After the Emmys, Lam suggested he might one day return to Los Angeles to open a retail store. “We are doing so well in New York, so it is an obvious transition to come to the West Coast, and I’m from California, so the more time I can spend out here would be great,” he said.