The People Vs. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story

‘O.J. SIMPSON’ WINS EMMYS TALLY: Backstage at the Emmy Awards, the winners got a chance to elaborate on their onstage acceptance speeches as the literal weight of their golden statuettes had sunken in. Best Actress [for “The People V. O.J. Simpson”] Sarah Paulson reiterated the powerful statement she made on primetime. “I feel like there was a collective failing of women for Marcia [Clark, at the time of the Simpson trial], so I wanted to be able to apologize in a broad way. I feel proud and glad through this show that new eyes are able to view her.”

Paulson said of Clark, whom she brought as her Emmy date, “She’s not an actress; she was a public servant. She didn’t deserve to be criticized for her hair or the length of her skirt.” All of a sudden remembering her date, she exclaimed, “I left Marcia in the theater like a moron. I will reunite with her later and we will have a good night.” When asked where she will put her award, Paulson said, “I’ve had no time alone with her yet. We’ll have to talk about it, she and I.” She did affirm this: “The real thing is better than what I imagined.”

As Paulson’s costars also made their way backstage, more questions were lobbed about portraying real-life figures. John Travolta described, of playing Robert Shapiro, “I think it was a scary proposition from the beginning, but it’s up to you to make sure it’s not gratuitous.” As for his character study, he said, “I felt like I knew what he was about in the beginning. I had such joy in portraying him as you can see. It entertained me equally as it entertained the audience.” As producer Ryan Murphy noted, “In the wrong hands, it could have been very tabloid-y.”