ALL REVVED UP: Emporio Armani has teamed up with Italian two-wheeled motor-vehicles manufacturer Piaggio to launch the Vespa 946 Emporio Armani.

The fashion label created a special version of the iconic scooter, which Piaggio introduced in 1946.

In keeping with the brand’s classic aesthetic with a contemporary twist, the new Vespa 946 Emporio Armani comes in a gray color palette with subdued hints of green, which are perceivable only under particular lighting conditions. The scooter is also finished with matte metallic details obtained through galvanic treatments, a brown leather seat, as well as high-tech electronic driving controls.

The name of the brand appears on the scooter’s side, while Emporio Armani’s iconic eagle logo is printed above its headlight.

The Vespa 946 Emporio Armani, available as a limited edition, will be sold starting this month at retailers in major cities worldwide.

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