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Surrounded by Robert Lobetta’s collage art, some 60 people — including hosts Sara Foster, Crystal Lourd and Jennifer Meyer, and Monique Lhuillier, Rachel Zoe, Alex Pettyfer and Rosetta Getty — squeezed shoulder to shoulder around a long table inside Eric Buterbaugh Florals’ Los Angeles gallery for a dinner to celebrate the fragrance brand’s launch at Saks Fifth Avenue. “Do you think we can add more people at this table?” asked Buterbaugh’s business partner Fabrice Croisé jokingly, noting the crowd nudged out one drawn by Salvatore Ferragamo to be the biggest ever in the space. Thankfully, the guests smelled good and seemed to enjoy each other’s company.

“It’s more like dinner with a lot of close friends than another event,” commented Lourd.

Lhuillier sported EB Florals’ Regal Tuberose perfume for the occasion. “I don’t wear a lot of fragrance, but, from the moment I tried this one, I was hooked,” she said, suggesting fragrance could be in her brand’s future. “When I do it one day, I only want to do one scent,” said Lhuillier. “Everything I do on my time. It’s a product that has to be exceptional.”

Croisé wore a perfume that’s in development and teased it’s going to be “the most luxurious scent” produced by EB Florals. Judging from the positive reception its scents have received from Saks Fifth Avenue customers so far (Croisé reported EB Florals has exceeded every sales expectation), the upcoming fragrance is likely to have quite a few takers. “We are just pinching ourselves. We can’t believe it,” swooned Buterbaugh, who opted for the perfume Velvet Lavender for the evening — and for many of the evenings and days that recently preceded it. He admitted, “I’ve gotten completely addicted.”

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