ESKANDAR EXPANDS: Eskandar plans to re-introduce a men’s collection next spring. He’s also working on luxury home textiles including cashmere blankets as well as a “mini me” line of boys’ and girls’ clothing to be called, appropriately enough, Eskinder.

All of it will be sewn of “the best of the best” textiles in natural fibers and styled in his signature minimalism, he said.

“Business, knock on wood — I’m very superstitious — is actually incredible at the moment,” Eskandar said during a visit to Neiman Marcus NorthPark Center in Dallas. “We’ve had three very strong seasons in a row overall.”

Midway through visiting Neiman’s stores in five U.S. cities, Eskandar said he envisions his company doubling in five years from its current volume of about $30 million. He’s attracted new accounts in Canada, the Middle East and Japan, and is rebuilding the Neiman’s business that diminished during the recession.

Men’s is the biggest push, and this month he re-hired Alison Barclay as his “creative right hand” to help, he said. Eskandar formerly made men’s wear but stopped in 2008 due to the global financial crisis. “The men’s was always a second cousin to the women’s, so this time it will have a total separate focus with different fabrications,” he said, adding it might have a different label. “It will be something I’ll launch in my own boutiques and Liberty of London, and then we’ll see.”

The men’s line will offer “everything,” from mandarin collar jackets and matching pants to sporty linens, knits and $5,000 double-faced cashmere jackets.

“There is a whole gap in the market for someone like me who isn’t a skinny, skinny rake and isn’t big who wants to dress in a cool, artistic way,” he said. “I have so many men coming into my stores in the last year begging for it to come back. I have emails every week.”

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