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MILANEtro on Thursday unveiled on its Web site a special project called “The Circle of Poets.”

Conceived by the brand’s men’s creative director Kean Etro, the concept represents a modern version of the 19th century groups of bohemian artists. Etro selected 11 young Milanese personalities, including 10 boys and one girl, who work in different artistic endeavors, from music and tattoos to art and architecture.

A member of the circle, Nicolò Gialain, photographed himself and all the others in black and white and dressed in Etro fall 2016 outfits, while the video on the site has been shot by another member, Adalberto Lombardo. Each member’s biography is detailed alongside the photos.

The project, which reflects Etro’s focus on art and its intellectual, unique approach to the fashion business, also aims to involve artists from all around the world. Through the site, they will be able to submit their artworks and projects, which will be evaluated by the Etro company. Judges will select some of the artists to develop special projects with the brand in the next months.

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