Cai Xukun stars in Prada 520 Mathematics of Love campaign

LONDON — Prada is courting romance with its Prada 520 Mathematics of Love campaign starring Cai Xukun, the face of the brand in China.

May 20 is one of China’s own Valentine’s Day as the number 520 sounds like “I love you” in Mandarin.

The campaign is comprised of static images and a video that documents Cai’s actions on a rainy day in Shanghai. Each scene is assigned a number with a hidden meaning, evoking one of the emotions associated with new love, and together they add up to 520. Prada took a similar tack with its spring campaign, with each letter serving as an acronym of different and conceptual definitions of Prada.

Cai said: “What I want to express in this campaign is that after going through difficult times, we open our hearts to a new daily life, embrace every tiny and gorgeous beauty in life, and hope that we can cherish every day that seems ordinary. ”

Lorenzo Bertelli, head of marketing and communication at Prada Group, told WWD earlier that “the scenarios we are facing now are so radically unknown at different levels, but at the same time challenging in terms of communication. Communication must reflect the moment, that’s why Prada has always been focused on observing society to express its different and unique point of view.”

The campaign is set to release on May 4 on Prada’s Chinese social media platforms and official web site. A selection of special items will also go on sale through selected physical stores, the official web site, and a pop-up store on WeChat.

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