The Jacquemus x Chloé Wise spring 2019 campaign

WORK OF ART: Forget fashion photography — designer Simon Porte Jacquemus commissioned an actual painting for his spring 2019 campaign.

The fashion designer reached out to New York-based artist Chloe Wise to create the visual for his spring 2019 collection, which was inspired by the laid-back atmosphere of the South of France (Jacquemus hails from Marseille.)

“This summer, we were on holiday in the same area. I was watching her Instagram stories and I realized that her paintings were very Riviera-inspired, just like the collection I was creating at the time,” Jacquemus told WWD.

Together with Wise — after connecting on social media, the pair had previously met IRL in Paris at Jacquemus’ favorite bar La Perle — the designer created the composition for the painting, using three models. Wise then flew back to New York to paint in her studio.

In the campaign, which launches online today, two women are seen lounging on a sun-drenched balcony, the warm tones of their clothes and sun-kissed skin contrasting with the blue sky and sea behind them, in what the designer imagined to be a typical painting found hanging in a villa on the French Riviera.

Both are painted by Wise wearing clothes and accessories from the Jacquemus spring 2019 collection: one of the models, balancing a generously filled glass of rosé in her hand, is sporting a tiny leather Jacquemus belt bag around her waist. On the bottom right of the picture, an outstretched hand dangles a half-peeled lemon, a chunky golden bracelet with a “J” pendant just visible around the wrist.

The Jacquemus x Chloé Wise spring 2019 campaign

The Jacquemus x Chloe Wise spring 2019 campaign.  Courtesy

“I find fascinating the transformation between reality, a photo and a painting,” said Jacquemus, adding that paintings, especially the work of Matisse and Picasso, have always been big inspirations for his collections. “Chloe really managed to bring life and beauty to the (painted) fabrics, which is no mean feat. The girls’ curves also allowed to play with light and shadows, something I find magnificent.”

Wise, whose next exhibition will be at the Almine Rech gallery in London on April 10, is known for her portraits of women posing alongside various food items, whether it be dairy products in “Lactose Intolerance,” her portrait of friend Lily McMenamy with a can of Nestlé condensed milk, or still lifes of ripe figs and juicy cantaloupes.

“In our work, as separate as they may be, we share a lot in common; we both tend to celebrate the beauty and humor in bountifulness, whether an abundant sunset or an abundant cheese platter,” said the Canada-born artist, in a nod to the Jacquemus men’s fall 2019 presentation which saw models chomping down on thick slabs of cheese and rich croissants during an impromptu breakfast. “And we both love a good sleeve.”

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