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Giorgio Armani’s top clients were treated to a runway show of the fall collection on Tuesday night. While most guests were excited to get started on their fall buys, Samuel L. Jackson had more of a “been there, bought that” attitude. He already owned several pants and blazers that came down the catwalk.

The “Lakeview Terrace” actor has been following fashion since he was a kid and his mother was a buyer for a children’s store. “I was always dressed very Ivy League,” he said. “I would feel a little bit odd but then I realized I was wearing then what they would be wearing next year.”

Glenn Close, who will wear Armani to the Emmys on Sunday, remembered the days of borrowing from the Italian design house before such practices were common in Hollywood. “The first thing they lent me, I think I just threw it in the back of the car,” she said. “I didn’t know how expensive it was. Then I saw the price tage and it was, like, $10,000.”

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