Farfetch has collaborated with Byronesque on a capsule collection of re-issued items from Vexed Generation.

VEXING ISSUES: Farfetch is wholeheartedly embracing streetwear, most recently with the purchase of sneaker marketplace Stadium Goods in December. This week it took to the streets again with the launch of a capsule collection with Vexed Generation, the British label that dates back to the Nineties.

Founded in 1994 by Adam Thorpe and Joe Hunter, Vexed Generation was a streetwear brand that set out to dress the urban warrior, in the literal sense. Farfetch worked on the capsule with the online vintage store Byronesque, which is based in the U.K.

Fueled by their distrust of the state, Vexed Generation’s designers made statements about air pollution, CCTV surveillance, crime and civil liberties and worked with a range of military, knife-proof and bulletproof fabrics. Their designs featured high necks and hoods, inviting wearers to shield their faces from surveillance cameras, and pollution.


Farfetch has collaborated with Byronesque on a capsule collection of reissued items from Vexed Generation.  Courtesy


Byronesque, which specializes in Eighties and Nineties fashion, worked on an 11-piece men’s wear reissue collection from Vexed, including the Ninja Hood that masks the wearer’s identity and can be fitted with a filter to clean urban air, and the Vexed Parka that’s meant to parody police riot gear.

Giorgio Belloli, chief commercial and sustainability officer at Farfetch, said Byronesque worked closely with Vexed Generation to ensure that the capsule “remains true to the original designs.”

Gill Linton, chief executive officer and editor in chief at Byronesque, said Farfetch will provide a global platform “for Vexed Generation to share their social commentary and reignite today’s vexed generation at a time when it matters most.”

Prices range from 90 pounds for a cotton logo T-shirt to 1,950 pounds for the Ninja Hood leather jacket.