CHANGING CLASSES: Fashion 4 Development, an organization committed to sustainable practices, has teamed with the Fashion Institute of Technology for a yearlong partnership.

F4D will be helping to expedite programs designed to accelerate the industry at large in order to advance higher education and impact the future of fashion and beauty industries. F4D’s efforts will be twofold — planning seminars and events with industry leaders about top-notch sustainable practices and technologies, while also aiding students to learn and work with program initiatives.

This isn’t the first time that the two entities have joined forces for different activations. Last fall, F4D and F.I.T. debuted the Commonwealth Fashion Exchange Project exhibition at the Museum at F.I.T. The exhibition had first been unveiled earlier last year at Buckingham Palace. It was then showcased for the first time Stateside in conjunction with Eco Age, during the annual Fashion 4 Development First Ladies Luncheon at the Pierre Hotel.

By lining up with F.I.T., F4D’s objective for the partnership is to support, advance and lead responsible business practices and products that will ensure fair trade, living wages and environmentally sound decisions throughout the fashion and beauty industry. F4D will be working toward attracting not only F.I.T. students, but also industry leaders and other representatives in the industry to strengthen this partnership. F4D hopes “to help amplify a bigger message to get the industry as a whole involved in the future programs,” according to press material related to the launch.

Fittingly, F4D founder, Evie Evangelou, planned to announce the new alliance this afternoon at F.I.T.’s 2019 Sustainable Business and Design Conference, during a Q&A with Jeanine Ballone, managing director of F4D Solutions. In advance of the talk, Evangelou said, “I am looking forward to an inspiring partnership with FIT as we walk together on this journey of ‘The Way Forward’ in Fashion.”