For a while now, women like Chrissy Teigen and Miley Cyrus have been waging a “Free the Nip” campaign against Instagram’s draconian nudity policy, becoming in the process the new suffragettes of the Internet. The boys are starting to join in on the fun, if sometimes inadvertently. The likes of Olivier Rousteing (Teigen’s pal), Scott Studenberg, Mert Alas and James Franco are notorious for posting the kind of titillating shirtless selfies more commonly found on dating apps. Last week, Marc Jacobs raised the stakes when he accidentally posted a naked selfie that revealed far more than the designer intended. While Jacobs promptly deleted the post, Justin Bieber felt no such shame when he proudly boasted a picture of his backside earlier this week. And, you have to wonder, what’s so bad about that? 1.7 million people liked it by Monday. Maybe it’s the beginning of a whole new crusade: Free the Tip. Just be careful, though: make sure you’re not running a publicly traded company.

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